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Decorating to Sell in the Fall - Haring Realty

Fall offers so many opportunities to stage your home, with some real advantages over summer. For one thing, the weather's cooler, and those shopping for their next house among Mansfield homes for sale may be more inclined to look and linger. We also have the opportunity for creative home staging, with a few fall displays of leaves, flowers, and fruits and some subtle fall scents in the home.

But fall also offers some challenges, particularly if you have trees with falling leaves. It can be you're expecting potential homebuyers just as your ash, birch, maple, and oak trees are shedding leaves. You'll have to be vigilant, raking as needed to keep the yard clear.

But for staging your home, let's look at these suggestions compiled by our REALTORS®.

  1. Add some annuals for pops of color.
    Many of your perennials, shrubs, and trees will go into their fall dormancy, leaving more of your exterior walls to be revealed. If your walls need TLC, you may want to address sprucing them up—cleaning with a power wash and then painting—following up with some generous displays of fall color, including flats of cool-weather-loving annuals and pots of chrysanthemums to brighten up the porch and flower beds.

  2. Lighten up!
    As the days grow shorter, interiors can seem somewhat gloomy. Ban the gloom by turning on as many lights as possible. You don't need to make your home seem like it's under forensic scrutiny, but you can provide ample lighting so that potential buyers can examine your home to assess how well it has been maintained. Potential buyers need to figure out how much work they will have to do to make your home livable. A gloomy interior could suggest you're trying to hide something. So best advice: Clean it up, paint it up, fix cracks and other flaws so your home will withstand the light of day.  

  3. Emphasize cozy.
    You can't get too cozy in the fall. More than trying to dazzle with over-the-top fall displays suggest how cozy the home is by stacking firewood by the fireplace, placing attractive pillows, and adding a blanket or two on the furniture. You want to suggest how warm and comfy the home is in the cold season. Focus on the bedroom and the family room for suggestions for warmth and relaxation. Weave some fall colors in your efforts—orange, gold, deep purple, and red pillows will provide just the right touch. 

  4. Tone down the fall holiday displays.
    You may love doing fall or Halloween displays in your home but rein in the impulse this year as you stage your home. A couple of scented candles and a couple of fall mums are all you need to make the interior suggest the cooler season.

  5. Go easy on the fall scents.
    If you can bake an apple pie or pumpkin bread or warm up these fragrant fall delights in the oven to spread some delicious autumnal scents, fabulous. But that may be far too much trouble. You could light a fall spice candle, but be careful. Some people dislike or are allergic to fragrances, so make sure any scents are subtle. 

Ask your real estate agent for advice on your staging efforts. They can also advise you if you need professional help staging. For more advice, contact us today. 

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