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Mansfield Ohio Community Dog Parks

Tails Are Wagging at These Mansfield-Area Parks

There's nothing like the bond between a person and their dog, so why not celebrate that special relationship with a fun activity that both you and your pet can enjoy? Many local parks and recreation destinations in the Mansfield area are dog-friendly, with trails, natural scenery, and fun activities designed with dogs in mind. There are off-leash dog parks, as well as great places to take your pup on a walk with a leash through well-defined trails. Our REALTORS® love exploring the great outdoors, and we've got the details on six dog parks in the Mansfield area to enjoy with your four-legged friend.

  1. North Lake Park – 268 Rae Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 44903
    Mansfield homes for sale make it easy to reach a variety of great local dog parks, including North Lake Park. With beautiful lakeside trails, stunning landscaping, and tons of room to play, North Lake Park has everything you need for a great day with Fido. This cozy park also features a playground, picnic areas, and a busy schedule of special events.

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Host a Yard Sale Mansfield Home

Be a Part of the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

Did you know that Ohio is home to one of the biggest yard sale events in the world? The Lincoln Highway, which travels through Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, has long been referred to as the Main Street of America. On the second weekend of August every year, the Lincoln Highway is home to the massive Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale, with yard sales taking place in a ton of local communities along the route. That includes Mansfield, of course! What a perfect opportunity to host a yard sale at your Mansfield home and our REALTORS® have the tips you need to make the most of this unique annual event.

The Event: The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale
Friday, August 8 - Sunday, August 10
Communities along the Lincoln Highway--Mansfield and Beyond

  • Participate in One of the World's Biggest Yard Sale Events
    With a convenient location in a vibrant community, Mansfield homes for sale are ideal for getting involved with the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale. Mansfield is located along the Lincoln Highway and will be one of the hundreds of communities hosting local yard sales on the route. Some cities have loads of individual sales, while others feature city-wide sales in one location. Hosting a yard sale at your Mansfield home is an easy way to get involved with the event, showcase the charms of the community, and earn some extra cash.

  • A Great Opportunity to Make Some Cash and De-clutter Your Home
    Whether you're buying, selling, or just trying to enhance your living space, there's no doubt that de-cluttering your home is a goal worth pursuing. So why not earn some cash in the process? A yard sale presents the ideal opportunity to get rid of clutter around the home and make a few bucks in the process. Rather than renting a storage unit for unused stuff, why not help useful items find a new home at one of the world's biggest yard sales?

  • Tips for Hosting a Successful Yard Sale
    Organization is the key to a successful yard sale, both in how you prepare and how you present your wares to buyers. Start by cleaning out garages and other storage spaces, getting rid of unnecessary items, and setting aside anything worth selling. Make sure you have enough tables to display your goods during the sale and organize things in a logical way. Consider a price in advance for each item you're selling, but always remain willing to negotiate. Once visitors start arriving, be a friendly host, make conversation, and help people find what they need. Since the Buy-Way Sale is a big event, you have the advantage of free publicity for your sale.

  • Shop 'til You Drop along the Lincoln Highway
    Hosting a sale at your Mansfield home is a great way to spend part of the weekend, but what if you want to shop, too? No problem! Start in Mansfield, and travel along the Lincoln Highway to the destination of your choosing. Along the way, you're likely to see plenty of signs for yard sales, both on and off the highway.

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale is just one of many exciting events that come to the Mansfield area every year, and there's never been a better time to shop for a local home. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Mansfield, OH area.


7 Home-selling Tips to Ignore
Doesn't it seem like everyone you know becomes a real estate expert when they hear that you're trying to sell your home? While friends, family, and colleagues have good intentions when offering real estate advice, they're often relying on outdated info or common misconceptions about the real estate industry. It's so much easier to sell a home when you tune out the noise, ignore advice that doesn't work, and focus on tips from pros with their finger on the pulse of the industry. Our REALTORS® are here to help, with seven home-selling tips you should ignore.

  1. "Spring is the only time to sell your home."
    Yes, real estate shoppers often hit the market in force during the spring months, but that hardly means that spring is the only time to sell. When you list during the busiest months, you also have to deal with increased competition. Selling your home during the winter or other "slower" months can be a great option because there are still people looking for homes and you'll have less competition for their attention.

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Mansfield Ohio Picnic Areas

There's nothing like enjoying a picnic on a warm, sunny summer day in the Mansfield area, with a pleasant breeze at your back and natural beauty all around you. National Picnic Month, observed every July, is the perfect time to get out and explore all of the excellent picnic spots that the area has to offer. From parks to nature conservatories, reservoirs, bird sanctuaries, and art centers, the Mansfield area has no shortage of idyllic spots to enjoy a picnic. Our REALTORS® are ready to celebrate National Picnic Month, and we've got the details on six of the best picnic spots in the Mansfield area.

  1. Gorman Nature Center – 2295 Lexington Ave., Mansfield 44907
    Mansfield homes for sale make it easy to reach every destination on our list, including the gorgeous Gorman Nature Center. This is a great spot to plan a day around your picnic, with free educational programs, extensive trails, and more than 150 acres of natural beauty. You can even have a picnic under the stars, and enjoy various night sky programs at Gorman Nature Center.

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