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2022 Green Features - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Going green is the best way to keep some green in your wallet this year. If you're searching for ways you can reduce your environmental footprint, protect the ecosystem, and save money at the same time, then the following are five home features our REALTORS® recommend taking a look at as you consider upgrades for your home.

  1. Install New Windows and Doors
    New windows and doors will go a long way toward protecting your home against heat gain and heat loss. These will protect your interior from UV rays and significantly reduce the amount of work your furnace and air conditioner must perform to ensure your comfort. Further, they'll go a long way toward enhancing your home's curb appeal and updating the structure's outward appearance. These will most certainly help your home stand out in the field of Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale when you go to put your home on the market.

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2022 Home Improvement Trends - Haring Realty

If you've been searching through the long list of amazing Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale, you've probably already noticed that each one is chock-full of unique designs and amenities. It may not take long, however, before you're ready to add something extra to your new or existing home.

Let's take a look at a handful of home improvement trends for 2022 and beyond. 

  1. Multi-Functional Room
    A big trend that's been happening over the past few years and will continue into 2022 is creating a multi-function room. This is where you basically take a single room, and instead of using it solely as an office, guest room, or other such function, you combine two or more aspects. This means you can create a sweet movie and gaming room but also stick a desk in the corner so that it doubles as a home office.

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Choosing a Bathtub - Home Remodeling - Haring Realty

Different people have different priorities when purchasing a home. From the kitchen layout to the number of bathrooms, it's important to mull over every aspect of a house before making a decision. You don't want to experience buyer's remorse, especially after a purchase as big as a home. That's why our REALTORS® make a point of guiding you through every step of the home-buying process.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are several factors you must consider. The size and style of the bathroom are essential. For instance, do you need a handicap-accessible bathroom? Do you want a bathtub or shower or both? On the subject of bathtubs, there's a dizzying array of sizes, styles, and materials available in the market today.

Let's remove some of the stress that comes with shopping for a tub by going through some of the essential factors you need to consider. Here's a rough guide on how to choose the perfect bathtub.

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Contractor Questions - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Your home is more than a place to live; it's an asset you want to protect. Whether you're remodeling a room, building an addition, or simply changing an appliance out, our REALTORS® strongly advise all of our clients to vet and question any potential contractor thoroughly. Asking the following five questions will help ensure that the contractor you hire will get the job done efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

  1. Are You Licensed & Insured? 
    Never hire a contractor that isn't licensed and insured. Licensure helps ensure the contractor will adhere to all building codes, fire codes, etc. It is more than an indication that they have sufficient knowledge of their trade to perform the necessary tasks. Additionally, never hire a contractor that isn't insured. If something happens and the contractor doesn't carry insurance, you could end up footing the bill for injuries.

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Front Yard Makeover - Haring Real Estate

Spring brings warm sunshine that motivates people to get outdoors. It's the perfect time to buy or sell a home and make that move you've been dreaming about. If you're considering a change this spring, our REALTORS® at Haring Realty can help you with selling your existing home, as well as searching for Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale that fit your lifestyle and financial goals.

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, one thing that's important to any home is great curb appeal. That means having a front yard that's picture-perfect with a well-maintained landscape. With spring just around the corner, it's time to give your front yard a makeover that deserves attention.

  • Lush Green Grass
    Winter can leave your lawn with patches of missing grass, weeds, and pests. With a little effort, you can fix a lackluster landscape and give your front yard a whole new look. Building a lush, green lawn starts with getting rid of weeds, then adding new turf or grass seed and good fertilizer. Water lightly each day until the grass is about 2-3 inches high, then mow the lawn weekly or bi-weekly on a regular schedule.

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Home Projects for Sellers - Haring Realty 

Are you getting your house ready to sell? Making it look its best doesn't have to mean expensive, time-consuming updates and renovations. Here are five easy projects our real estate agents recommend. All of them are things you can do yourself, and that will make a substantial difference in how well your house shows.

  1. Showcase the front door. First impressions are important. Curb appeal is great, but it's when a potential buyer walks up to the front door that they start paying attention. Make your front door shine by power washing to get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Add some finishing touches by laying out a new welcome mat, replacing old, unsightly house numbers with something more attractive and modern, and adding a strategically placed planter or two.

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Home Gym Set-Up | Haring Realty

COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges this year, and one of them is figuring out the best way to workout safely. Even as gyms have reopened, millions of people are still reluctant to take the chance as social distancing protocols remain in place. To further complicate matters, getting out for a quick jog in the middle of winter isn't always the most comfortable way to burn calories. 

It's no wonder the home fitness industry has exploded this year, as several innovative products have hit the market. While a lot of these products come with a big price tag, there are simple ways to set up a gym on any budget. As more and more people look for ways to workout from home, our REALTORS® thought it'd be helpful to pull together some tips for setting up your own home gym.

  1. Determine your fitness goals
    Before you can decide what equipment you need, it's a good idea to identify your fitness goals. Think about what you're trying to accomplish: weight loss, muscle gain, strength, or endurance? Once you've identified your training style, you can figure out what weights and machines are best suited for your home gym.

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Home Renovations to Avoid - Haring Realty

Renovating your home can make it more comfortable to live in. In addition, it also can put a little extra money in your pocket when you decide to sell the home. However, our REALTORS® also know that some renovations can leave you less than happy with the finished result. Some can cost more than you expect, and others can detract from the home's value. The following are five home renovations that aren't worth the headaches and costs that they create.

  • Going Against the Grain
    Maybe you like Ultra-Modern, or long for something more Tudor. That is not a problem when the rest of the home matches the renovation style you want to incorporate. However, if you try and put an ultra-modern kitchen in a Tudor home, or a Southwestern style living room in a country cottage, the resulting contrast will make the home less appealing to prospective buyers. When considering style, always choose design styles and features that complement and enhance one another.

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Edging Tips - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Tips abound for sprucing up the interior of a home before it goes on the market, as well as getting the exterior into shipshape, ready-to-sell mode. But what about the landscape? If yard care and gardening are not your thing, you may need a little guidance as you wonder how a potential buyer might react to your less-than-inspired landscaping. 

Now that you're seriously wanting to attract attention to your home among Mansfield homes for sale, there are a few landscaping tricks that can turn heads of potential buyers without you having to break the bank—or break into too much of a sweat to get things presentable. Our REALTORS® can make additional recommendations if need be. Let's start with one of the most basic landscaping tasks, but one that can make a real difference.

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Low-Cost Home Projects - Haring Realty

Everyone has had more time at home, and one of the things our REALTORS® have discovered in recent weeks is that working from home provides an opportunity to work on your home as well. 

There's never been a better time to tackle DIY projects. These simple home upgrades will revitalize your space—something we can all use right now—at little or no cost to you.

  • Eliminate Clutter
    It's spring, and we all have some cleaning to do. Getting rid of clutter is a great way to revive your space and make your home feel more open and spacious. Go through every room and gather up items that you don't need, never use, and are tired of looking at. Some can be tucked away in storage or given away, while others can be donated. If all goes well, you might even be able to have a big yard sale soon!

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Roof Replacement - Haring Realty

Though all of us are fortunate to have roofs over our heads, it's easy to forget that these elements of our home won't last forever. While the standard roof should last a few decades if properly installed and maintained, there are a number of issues that can weaken the integrity of your roof faster than you'd believe. Our REALTORS® encourage you to pay attention to these five signs that you might need to replace your roof this summer, especially if you plan on listing your property alongside other Mansfield homes for sale.

  1. Dark Spots on the Roof
    While a shingle on your roof may fade or become slightly discolored over time, any large patches of discoloration may be signs of a serious problem. Dark streaks or spots on the roof are typically caused by algae, which causes staining and could make shingles deteriorate, eventually causing leaks. These stains can also harm your curb appeal, even if they aren't actually damaging the roof. A roof that looks like it may be problematic can instantly make buyers assume that there might be mold, leads, or other problems present in the home.

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New Landscaping - Homeownership - Haring Realty

If winter has left your landscaping looking a little worse for wear, then you're far from alone. On the bright side, we've all found ourselves with more time than ever to focus on getting our lawns and gardens back in shape this spring, and our REALTORS® are happy to offer some ideas on how to get your landscape back in shape.

  • Do Some Spring Cleaning
    Spring cleaning isn't just for the inside of your home. Your yard needs it too. After a hard winter, your property is likely littered with leaves, sticks, pine cones and other debris. Before doing anything else it's a good idea to go around with a rake and clean up a bit. This step alone will probably be a major improvement!

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Weekend Home Improvement Projects - Haring Realty

Curb appeal is crucial when selling your home. A good first impression not only draws a potential buyer's interest, it may even affect what kind of offer they make on your home. There are lots of little things you can do outside that don't cost much. These improvements can add up to big changes that make your property shine. Our REALTORS® provide a few tips on how to increase your home's curb appeal in just a weekend or two.

  1. Paint the Front Door
    While neutral colors are best on interior walls, a colorful front door can attract potential buyers' attention. Go for contrast—red is still one of the most popular colors and will make your house pop. When the paint's completely dry, (give it a day or two) hang a pretty wreath on the door.  If you're feeling particularly ambitious and your garage door or back entrance could use a fresh coat, consider painting them, too. While you're at it, try adding some funky (but easy to read) house numbers so people looking for Mansfield homes for sale can easily find your address.

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Determine Property Lines
When you look at your property, it's easy to imagine where the property lines might fall, based on the location of fences or the line where you stop mowing your lawn and your neighbor starts. However, the actual property lines may differ from appearances, and in some situations, property lines can become a point of contention between neighbors.

Whether you're looking to start an outdoor project, buy/sell a home, avoid conflict with neighbors, or simply know exactly where the property line lies for potential future projects, taking the time to determine your property lines is a must-do for any responsible homeowner. But how do you do it? Our REALTORS® are here to help, with a guide to determining the property lines for your home.

  • Why It's Important to Know Your Property Lines
    For most homeowners, backyard projects and good relationships with neighbors are both important parts of owning a home... so you wouldn't want one to get in the way of the other. Determining property lines makes it easier to work on projects on the edge of your property, without worrying whether you're encroaching on your neighbor's land, or worse having to start a project all over because you started building without knowing the boundaries. Building a pool, fence, or other projects in the wrong place can be costly, and cause conflict in the neighborhood, so it's better to learn exactly where property lines lie.

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Know the Ins & Outs of Home Warranties

Home Warranties
Mark your calendars, homeowners! February 10th is National Home Warranty Day!

Haring Realty knows that you want to protect your home inside and out, that's why our REALTORS® want to help you celebrate this annual holiday by providing you with everything you need to know about the vital resource that is a home warranty.  

What is a Home Warranty?

The way you live transforms an ordinary house into the home of your dreams. Every day, your family relies on appliances and systems like the water heater, washing machine and refrigerator to keep life running smoothly. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear on these machines over time can cause components to malfunction or break. Thankfully, home warranty protection plans are available to help you replace or repair these appliances and systems.

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Kitchen Renovations
If you're preparing your home for the market, it's important to step back and take a good look at your kitchen. That's what buyers do as they tour Mansfield homes for sale. A kitchen is the heart of a home. If it's dull and aging and not quite right, it can be a turnoff to buyers. 

Our REALTORS® have learned by experience that sometimes a great kitchen update might be all you need to add value and style to your home. We've done the research to provide our tips to help you rock your kitchen renovation. 

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Home Improvement Projects to Boost Value
Boost Your Home's Resale Value with a Few Simple Improvements

It's tax time again. Although many people dread filing their taxes, receiving a refund makes it a little more bearable. A great use for that extra money is updating your home. If you're staying in your home for the foreseeable future, there are many upgrades that can make your life easier and your home more aesthetically pleasing. But if you're looking to add your house to the current list of Mansfield homes for sale, you'll probably want to make some updates that will appeal to buyers and add value to your home. Our REALTORS® definitely know what makes a good impression on buyers and using your tax refund for one or more of these updates can help get your house sold.

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