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End-of-Summer Maintenance - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Before you can enjoy the pumpkin spice and everything nice that fall has in store, you have work to do as a homeowner. As you get ready to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season, you have to take care of the landscaping and your home so that everything is ready for the cooler months ahead. Our REALTORS® suggest doing the following chores: 

  • Clean the Dryer Vent - This simple chore is essential for ensuring proper ventilation and, more importantly, reducing fire risk.

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Organize Your Garage - Homeowners - Haring Realty

A new home is a blank slate. That said, our REALTORS® know how hard it can be to get organized when moving into a new home. Most garages end up being junk purgatories where items that don't yet have storage space end up. Unfortunately, this leads to garages getting cluttered almost to the point where you can't use them for their intended purpose—to park your car.

Every April 26 is dedicated to proper planning, cleaning up, and decluttering. It's a great time to get some spring cleaning done on Get Organized Day. Here are some tips to help you clear the clutter after you've found a house among Mansfield or Ashland homes for sale.

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Chimney Inspection - Homeowners - Haring Realty

The wise homeowner doesn't wait until the last minute to winterize an Ohio home. You've probably already cleaned your gutters and insulated your windows to keep out icy drafts. Our REALTORS® want to call your attention to one more critical action to take if your home has a fireplace. Be sure to call a chimney sweep to inspect and clean the chimney. 

  • Why is this important?
    Chimney fires occur an average of 17,600 times a year. In addition to fires, many of the 4,000 lives in America lost to carbon monoxide poisoning are due to dirty chimneys. Another 10,000 are made ill each year after exposure to these noxious fumes. No one should ever be a statistic, particularly since this one is so easily avoided.

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Get Your Yard Trick-or-Treat Ready - Haring Realty

Fall weather is just around the corner, and thousands of children are anxiously awaiting Halloween. Before your street is lined with little ghosts, goblins, furry creatures, and storybook heroes this year, our REALTORS® have some tips to keep your trick-or-treaters safe.

The fun of trick-or-treating on Halloween night can be quickly overshadowed injuries like cuts and bruises, falls, and animal bites. Trick-or-treaters in areas with Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale should be protected from scary things that may be lurking in the front yard. To prepare for a safe Halloween, follow these tips to get your yard trick-or-treat ready.

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Spring Cleaning Supply List - Haring Realty

Did you know the fourth Sunday in March starts National Spring Cleaning Week? It's the perfect time to get started with that cleaning to-do list and give Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale a spring fresh look and feel. If you've just moved in or are looking to sell, this job is probably top on your list! Spring cleaning can seem like an enormous and demanding task, but these supplies will help you tackle just about any spring cleaning job quickly and easily.

General Supplies

You probably already have most of these supplies, since they are used for general cleaning. For most people spring cleaning means doing a deep, detailed cleaning and getting all those spots that are hard to reach or don't get cleaned very often. So take the opportunity to make sure what you have is in working order and replace any cleaners you're running low on. These supplies are the must-haves that will help you tackle a lot of general cleaning tasks.

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Winterizing Tips - Haring Realty

In our Ohio region, there will be a hint of fall in the air soon, and with it, a harbinger of the colder weather to come. That means, among many other tasks, it's time to winterize our yards. The goal is to shut things down so your plants are protected against the worst that Mother Nature can deliver with wintertime wind and moisture.

Year-round maintenance of your yard will help you keep a step ahead of the other Mansfield homes for sale, should you be planning to list your home. Our REALTORS® have many suggestions for making your property look its best. But to get started, try these six helpful tips to winterize your yard.

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Problem Driveway - Home Improvement - Haring Realty

It's easy to ignore your driveway... until it needs to be replaced. Driveways are made to last, but when the time comes to replace yours, it's good to know your options. 

Whether you're installing a new driveway to add value to your home before selling it or you simply want a less bumpy ride, our REALTORS® are here to help. These are the top driveway materials to consider:

  • Concrete
    Concrete has long been one of the most popular driveway options. That's because it's a highly durable surface, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. An average concrete driveway costs $5 or $6 per square foot, and can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years.

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Roof Replacement - Haring Realty

Though all of us are fortunate to have roofs over our heads, it's easy to forget that these elements of our home won't last forever. While the standard roof should last a few decades if properly installed and maintained, there are a number of issues that can weaken the integrity of your roof faster than you'd believe. Our REALTORS® encourage you to pay attention to these five signs that you might need to replace your roof this summer, especially if you plan on listing your property alongside other Mansfield homes for sale.

  1. Dark Spots on the Roof
    While a shingle on your roof may fade or become slightly discolored over time, any large patches of discoloration may be signs of a serious problem. Dark streaks or spots on the roof are typically caused by algae, which causes staining and could make shingles deteriorate, eventually causing leaks. These stains can also harm your curb appeal, even if they aren't actually damaging the roof. A roof that looks like it may be problematic can instantly make buyers assume that there might be mold, leads, or other problems present in the home.

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