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Fourth of July Safety Tips - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Our REALTORS® know that the Fourth of July is one of Ohio's biggest holidays, and starting this year, there will be new ways to celebrate at home. Beginning on July 1, 2022, Ohio's new fireworks law goes into effect, allowing adult residents to use consumer fireworks on certain holidays throughout the year. If you've just finished shopping for Mansfield or Ashland homes for sale and want to celebrate the Fourth of July in your new yard, it's important to practice good safety habits for consumer fireworks use.

  • Get to Know Ohio's Fireworks Law
    For Fourth of July Celebrations, the new fireworks law allows consumer fireworks to be discharged on July 3, 4, and 5. Fireworks can only be set off on your own property or another private property with the property owner's permission. Fireworks cannot be set off while under the influence. Before setting off fireworks, check the regulations for your community, as some communities are still considering local bans despite the new law.

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Easter Family Fun - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Waking up to see what the Easter Bunny left is almost as exciting as looking for Santa's gifts. But Easter festivities don't need to be limited to eating the ears off a chocolate rabbit. Our REALTORS® have some great suggestions for family time before the big day. 

  • Dyeing Boiled Eggs
    While this option seems intuitive, we certainly couldn't bypass it. You'll find any number of kits at every grocery store, filled with the tools to complete the task as well as decorative augmentations. If you prefer to do the job the old-fashioned way, just line up a cup for each color and add ten or more drops of food coloring to each. Add one teaspoon of vinegar and 1/2 cup of boiling water. Place the eggs in the cups for about ten minutes before removing them with tongs or a slotted spoon.

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Family St. Patrick's Day - Haring Realty

What better time to have fun with your kids than a St. Patrick's Day celebration at home. Our REALTORS® share five family-friendly activities to help you observe St Patrick's Day with family.

  1. Wear, Drink, and Eat Green
    Since the holiday theme is green, you can do everything green for the day with your family. As opposed to the green beer, you can get a little creative and choose green ginger ale since it's kid-friendly. You can have the entire family dress in green and add green food coloring to the day's meals to add to the festive mix. Alternatively, you can bake a green cake. Some sweet treats you can make include green cake pops, sweet green popcorn, and mint chocolate bark.

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Celebrate New Year's at Home - Haring Realty

Congratulations! You've found the perfect Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale, and you're about to ring in the New Year in your new home. Spending New Year's Eve at home is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your loved ones while counting down to midnight.

Here's are some fun ideas to try out this NYE.

  • Host a Holiday Movie Marathon
    Are you a great fan of movies? There's something about long, high-fantasy adventure films that make them perfect for the holidays. The best part is you get to make some hobbit-inspired meals.

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Choosing a Christmas Tree - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas? Whether you're still looking at Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale or you've already closed the deal, spending Christmas in a new home has to be very exciting. Our REALTORS® want to remind those who celebrate the holiday that they have one more decision to make very soon: What kind of Christmas tree should grace your home?

  • What are your options?
    At first blush, you might think you must choose between real and artificial. But some folks find that with a little bit of imagination, they can create an alternative to traditional trees that can fill the house with the spirit of the season with minimal cost in either money or time. That could be very helpful if your budget was stretched to the limit to buy the house. If that's the case, don't hesitate to wrap the front door like the perfect present that it is!

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Hosting Thanksgiving - New Homeowners - Haring Realty

Congratulations on your new home! You looked at the Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale and made one of them your own. What better way to show it to your friends and family than to host your first Thanksgiving dinner? That may seem rather daunting at first, but our REALTORS® want to encourage you to give it a try by sharing this helpful guide. 

  • Plan ahead
    Create a plan well in advance of the holiday for several different reasons. First, you want to make sure the guests you invite don't already have other plans. Next, think about how you want your gathering to look. Will you have a few people over for a small, intimate gathering, or will you have an enormous guest list? Think about whether you will be able to accommodate everyone at the dining room table or if you'll need to get creative with seating. This is also the best time to consider your resources, including the comfort of your guests, the cost of the meal, and your kitchen skill set.

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Holiday Crafts and Activities for Christmas Break | Haring Realty

The holidays are often associated with days and nights spent enjoying the company of friends and family. With COVID-19 having been the highlight of 2020, large holiday gatherings are being discouraged. But that doesn't mean that you and your quarantine partners can't enjoy the holiday season. From making a Christmas card to baking your favorite Christmas cookies, there are many crafts and activities that will bring the cheery spirit, keep your little ones entertained, and allow them to show their creativity. Here are our REALTORS® suggestions for crafts and activities that you can do with your kids over Christmas break at home.

  • Cut Paper Snowflakes
    Making paper snowflakes is a fun activity that's easy to set up and execute. All you need are two essential supplies: paper and a pair of scissors. You probably have paper lying around in the house, but buying some origami paper or some colored construction paper can add some artistic flair and make the project more interesting. You can learn the basics of making paper snowflakes online, and once you're done, you can tape the snowflakes to the wall or hang them on the Christmas tree.

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Holiday Decorating - Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

A lot of people will be celebrating the holiday season differently this year. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, many families are choosing to stay at home and are having get-togethers via video chat. Just because you aren't entertaining in a traditional way, it doesn't mean you shouldn't decorate your home for the holidays. Our REALTORS® know that this is a challenging time for everyone, including those with Mansfield homes for sale. Whether you're buying, selling or staying put, these tips for creative holiday decorating can lift your spirits and put you in a festive mood.

  • Go Green
    Exploring eco-friendly décor isn't just good for the planet—it's a fun way to mix things up and let your imagination run wild. Two cool sustainable ideas for holiday decorating are wrapping presents in fabric instead of paper or using brown paper bags for wrapping paper. It's a great way to get kids involved—they can use colored pencils or markers to create their own designs on the outside of the paper.

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Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas - Haring Realty

Thanksgiving is practically synonymous with pie. Pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie, it may be traditional to have a slice after Thanksgiving dinner. But pie isn't the only way to end your meal. Sometimes change is good and our REALTORS® encourage you to think outside the pie pan and try something new. We've rounded up six Thanksgiving desserts that are well worth saving some extra room for.

  • Pumpkin Layer Cake
    A fluffy Pumpkin Layer Cake would make a great addition to your Thanksgiving spread. The pumpkin flavor comes from pureed pumpkin and a blend of beautiful spices: ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Adding lots of eggs to the batter gives it the custardy flavor and texture of pumpkin pie. It's classic to pair this layer cake with tangy cream cheese buttercream frosting. Making this soft, moist, and delicious pumpkin layer cake is relatively straightforward and takes about 1 hour to bake and frost.

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Flower Shops Around Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

Ohio weather may be chilly during February, but nothing warms the heart of your significant other more than fresh, fragrant blooms on Valentine's Day. Our REALTORS® play Cupid with a list of top flower shops around Mansfield.

  • Janet's Floral Design - 4153 Park Ave. W, Mansfield, OH 44903
    Close to Ontario homes for sale, this family-owned and operated florist is ready to help you pick the perfect bouquet for that special someone. Choose from designs such as Aphrodite's Embrace, featuring vibrant red roses paired with eye-catching Stargazer lilies, or go the traditional route with the Dance with Me arrangement that includes red roses and pink carnations. Place an order online, or stop in at Janet's Floral Design Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop - 146 E. Main St., Lexington, OH 44904
    There's definitely something memorable about Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop. It's the only brick-and-mortar, full-service florist in the community around Lexington homes for sale. Drop into their historic house-turned-shop and pick up a fresh bouquet, or place an order via phone or email. Not happy with your arrangement? Contact them within 48 hours for a replacement. Visit Forget-Me-Not weekdays from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. - noon.

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Mansfield Golf Fathers Day

Top Mansfield-Area Golf Courses for Father's Day Fun

Gather your favorite clubs and go golfing with Dad this Father's Day. Our REALTORS® know that any Sunday is a good day for golf so why not treat your Dad to 18 holes on June 16th at some of the best golf courses near Mansfield.

  • Paradise Hills Golf Course – 1406 Township Rd.1353, Ashland, OH 44805
    For a relaxing round near Ashland homes for sale, head over to Paradise Hills Golf Course. This executive 18-hole par-54 course averages 176 yards per hole. Surrounded by nature, don't be surprised if a few birds or even small critters watch in awe as you sink putt after putt on the back nine.

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Mansfield Ohio Homes Herlihy Christmas House
If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, you'll love the festive splendor of the Herlihy Christmas House. This private family home in Mansfield is adorned with thousands of lights, hundreds of Santas, trains, villages, Disney-themed displays, and over 25 decorated Christmas trees. This private collection of holiday decorations has been cultivated for decades, with some pieces dating back more than 50 years!

Each decoration is hand-placed by family members and volunteers who carry on the tradition that began all the way back in 1987. It only takes one visit to the Herlihy Christmas House to see why it's has become a favorite tradition among our REALTORS® and Mansfield residents of all ages.

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Mansfield Ohio Christmas Events

Our REALTORS® are already gearing up for all of Mansfield's Christmas events, and we want you to do the same too. That's why we are making a list (and, yes, we're checking it twice) of the top holiday events in our community you won't want to miss. Tour decorated mansions, see a play, take a sleigh ride, and cut your own Christmas tree right here in Mansfield, Ohio.

  1. Start Your Christmas Shopping at the Carrousel District
    W. 4th St. and N. Main Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902

    The Carrousel District has over 50 shops and eateries located in our Downtown. Perfect for crossing off a few names from your list, you'll find everything from antique and retro shops to chocolatiers and cigar stores.

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Mansfield Ohio Holiday Home Security Tips
As you're preparing for family gatherings, office parties, and other holiday events, the last thing you want to worry about is a home invasion. Unfortunately, the change in routine and hectic schedules that often accompany this time of year create a perfect opportunity for would-be thieves.

Our REALTORS® want you and your family to stay safe and secure while enjoying yourselves this holiday season. Here are six tips to help keep your home burglar-free. 

  1. Be Careful What You Share
    Sharing on social media is a way of life for most of us, but when you over-share, you open yourself up for potential problems. If you're traveling during the holidays, don't post details about when you'll be gone. Remember that every time you check into a location, whether it's around the corner or across the globe, you're letting everyone who can see your feed know your house is empty.

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Bellville Ohio Christmas Holiday Events
Richland County, Ohio offers no shortage of fun places to enjoy the holiday season. From cutting a tree to hopping aboard a wagon ride, dozens of local farms and farm markets offer a chance to get into the Christmas spirit. Our REALTORS® are especially fond of Kleerview Farm, home of Santa's Barnyard Express!

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Starts in Bellville at Kleerview Farm

Just 10 minutes outside Bellville, Ohio, Kleerview Farm is nestled in the Clear Fork Valley, surrounded by the rolling hills and farmlands of Richland County. Every year, countless locals and visitors flock to the 230-acre farm to cut Christmas trees, take part in all kinds of fun holiday happenings – and to meet the herd of reindeer that call Kleerview Farm home.  

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Mansfield Ohio Buy Home Holidays
If you've been searching for a new home, you probably know that the residential real estate market slows down this time of year. That doesn't mean you have to postpone your search. The year-end holiday season offers the best opportunities to visit Mansfield homes for sale and seal the deal on your new home. 

Our REALTORS® keep informed about regional marketing data. Their research shows that buying a home during the holidays makes sense, especially when you're a serious buyer. They share five good reasons why you should step up your home search during the holidays. 

  1. Serious Sellers
    When a homeowner keeps a For Sale sign posted when the market slows for the season, they're serious about selling. They may have a job transfer deadline, a new home purchase pending, or an urgent need to downsize. Whatever their reason, sellers who keep their listings active during the holidays, are hoping a buyer will make a reasonable offer before the year's end. Their desire to sell paves the way for you to make your best deal.

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Ontario Ohio July 4 Festival
Since Independence Day is just around the corner, there's really no place like home to celebrate special holidays with family and friends. Ontario, Ohio is no exception. Our REALTORS® know that when it comes to celebrating, Ontario ranks second to none. Read on to find out what you'll love most when you buy one of our homes for sale in Ontario.

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Mansfield Christmas Tree Farms
The end-of-year holiday season is a great time to look for a new home. If you've set your heart on a family-friendly community, Mansfield homes for sale have a lot to offer. Mansfield is just one of the warm and wonderful communities in the area. You'll also find exciting home choices in Loudonville, Ontario, and Ashland. As you tour regional homes, you can get to know each community by participating in seasonal activities. Christmas tree farms are a local tradition you're sure to enjoy.

Our REALTORS® live and work in the area. We enjoy the pure excitement of finding a Christmas tree on a farm and claiming it as our own. It's one of our favorite things to do in the Mansfield area and we want to share it with you. We've created a guide to local farms where you can have your own Christmas tree hunting adventure.

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Mansfield Ohio Home Safety Tips for the Holidays
Decorating your home for the holidays is a tradition that dates back centuries, and it's still as fun as ever! While you're busy decking the halls, however, it's important to make sure that you prioritize safety at all items. Holiday lights, wreaths, trees, and decorations do pose some safety risks when installed improperly, but the good news is that there are plenty of simple steps you can take to decorate as safely as possible this holiday season. Our REALTORS® are looking forward to the holiday decorating fun, and we've put together a collection of tips to help you deck the halls safely for the holidays.

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