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Patio Dining - Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

As area restaurants continue to re-open with social distancing guidelines in place, outdoor dining is becoming a popular way to get out of the house and relax this summer. With many restaurants working to enhance outdoor dining space, our REALTORS® have compiled some recommendations for local restaurants with outdoor dining space in the Mansfield area. If you're in the mood for some al fresco dining out on the patio, be sure to check out these area restaurants:

  • MVP's Sports Bar and Grill - 275 Park Ave. W, Mansfield, OH 44902 
    Located in downtown Mansfield, this popular restaurant's menu has several popular Italian favorites along with standard American cuisine. MVP's Sports Bar and Grill is well known for its classic outdoor patio, which features dining and live music all summer long. After dinner, you can check out several great Mansfield homes for sale on the way home. Many are just around the corner!

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Mexican Restaurants - Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

If you can't go out to eat, bring great food back to you! Our REALTORS® have created a list of their favorite local hotspots for Mexican fare. This is a great time to take advantage of online ordering and find a new favorite.

  • Rancho Fiesta: 1360 S Trimble Road, Mansfield, OH 44907
    Well-known for having authentic, fresh food and large portions, Rancho Fiesta is a favorite among Mansfield locals and visitors. We recommend ordering the Pollo a la Piña or the Grilled Chicken Chimichangas via their takeout menu. Take a look at these Mansfield homes for sale on your way to pick up your order.

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Sports Bars - Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

College basketball's biggest event is right around the corner, and our REALTORS® are as excited as you are! If you're looking for a place to get together with friends, down a drink or two, and catch all the action, we have a few great places in the Mansfield area you might want to check out.

  • MVP's Sports Bar & Grille - 275 Park Ave. W, Mansfield, OH 44902
    Nestled in the heart of Mansfield, MVP's Sports Bar & Grille has all the hallmarks of a classic sports bar. You'll find great food, cold drinks, friendly atmosphere, and lots of TVs to watch the big game. Just minutes from these Mansfield homes for sale, MVP's Sports Bar & Grille is also known throughout the area for its Italian cuisine, including pasta dishes made with their in-house secret "Mama's Touch Of Italy" sauce. They also offer an outdoor patio and often host live music when there isn't a big game on.

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Pizza Shops - Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

If you're ready to celebrate National Pizza Week with some delicious pies in the Mansfield area, you'll have plenty to choose from. The week is observed for the second full week in January, so this year it starts on January 12.

Our REALTORS® suggest grabbing a slice at one or more of these seven area pizza restaurants:

  1. Besta Fasta Pizza - 289 Marion Ave., Mansfield, OH 44903
    Since 1982, Besta Fasta Pizza has prided itself on its fresh ingredients, including house-made dough, homemade pizza sauce, and fresh toppings applied with a generous hand. Choose from a simple pepperoni pizza or a make your own masterpiece loaded with up to six toppings.

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Sweetest Day in Mansfield, OH - Haring Realty

Will you be spending some time in our area this October, shopping for your dream home among our selection of Mansfield homes for sale? Will you be bringing your spouse or family with you to help with the search? If so, you won't want to forget that Sweetest Day is in October, falling on the 19th this year.

Surely, if you were spending the holiday on your own turf, you'd know just where to take your sweetie to celebrate the day. But if you're not familiar with our area, planning might be a bit more difficult. To help you make the day special, we've put together some suggestions on where to take your sweetie on Sweetest Day around Mansfield.

  • Say 'I Love You' with Flowers—and Ice Cream! - Tara's Floral Expressions, 48 W. 4th St., Mansfield, OH 44902 and The Chill, 46 W. 4th St., Mansfield, OH 44902
    A lovely bouquet is a great way to kick off Sweetest Day, and you'll find a wonderful array of options at Tara's Floral Expressions. And as a bonus, the owner of Tara's decided to open up an ice cream parlor right next door. The Chill offers fantastic specialty sundaes like the Little Buckeye, which features chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter, whipped cream, chocolate waffle pieces, and—of course—a little buckeye.

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Mansfield's Wine & Ale Trail - Haring Realty

Are you ready to uncork some fun and discover what's on tap throughout Mansfield? Our REALTORS® encourage you to enjoy good wine, food, and brews on Mansfield's Wine & Ale Trail. This local experience is marked by nine independent wineries and breweries stretching throughout Mansfield, Galion, Lexington, Shelby, Ashland, and Bellville,

  1. The Phoenix Brewing Company — 131 N. Diamond St., Mansfield, OH 44902
    Phoenix Brewing Company
    helped revive Mansfield's craft beer scene with their great Ohio brews. Their deliciously dark Mortuary Series only rival Their flagship beers like the Danger City Brown Ale and Melinoe Blood-Orange Blond. Stop into their location just down the road from the best Mansfield homes for sale.

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Mansfield Ohio Doughnut Shops

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day — on June 7th it's going to be the coolest meal of the day too! National Donut Day makes its annual appearance on the first Friday of the month and our REALTORS® can't wait to celebrate.

National Doughnut Day commemorates an important time in American history. In 1938, the Salvation Army created National Doughnut Day as a way to honor the many women who served these delicious pastries to those fighting in the first World War. Today, we still enjoy these tasty treats and honor how the Salvation Army changed lives with a simple donut.

Join us in celebrating National Donut Day in Mansfield at one of these great donut shops around town!

  1. Buckeye Bakery Inc. – 21 E. 4th St., Mansfield, OH 44902
    Voted one of the best shops of Mid Ohio for years, Buckeye Bakery has served Mansfield for over a century. Long before National Donut Day began, these bakers have cooked up hundreds of great goodies for all to enjoy. Stop in and grab a fresh donut on June 7th!

  2. Apple Hill Orchards, 1175 Lexington Ontario Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903
    Apple Hill Orchards
    is a local, family-owned and operated business in Mansfield known for not only supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in an environmentally responsible way, but it's mouth-watering, delicious--you guessed it--Apple Hill Apple Donuts too.  As you're touring our city searching for the perfect home, you don't even need to get out of your car at Apple Hill Orchards.  Their drive-thru is open and serving espresso drinks, coffee, and, of course, warm apple dooughnuts!

  3. The Blueberry Patch – 1285 W. Hanley Rd., Mansfield, OH 44904
    Homemade blueberry donuts — if those three words don't make your mouth water, we're not sure what will!  The Blueberry Patch features a blueberry farm, café, beanery, and winery. Take our word for it and stop by the Blossoms Café for the best blueberry donuts you've ever had! Made fresh daily, this is the perfect place to celebrate National Donut Day with the blueberry lover in your life!

  4. Blackbird Bakery – 105 N. Main St., Mansfield, OH 44902
    Whether you spell it donut or doughnut, National Donut/Doughnut Day is fine with a variation which is why you should head to Blackbird Bakery for a coffee and a pastry. Grab a cinnamon roll — which is a tasty variation of the classic donut — and enjoy this scrumptious celebration of baked goods your way.

  5. Tim Hortons – 1072 Ashland Rd., Mansfield, OH 44905
    National Donut Day is a holiday that tempts us to spend all morning sampling the best donut shops in Mansfield. Unfortunately, it's still a work day for many of us so celebrating on the go may be necessary. If you're headed to work, stop by the drive-thru at Tim Hortons for a cup of coffee and your favorite donut. They've got everything from maple, vanilla and chocolate dipped donuts to sour cream glazed, Boston cream and honey crullers. Grab a half-dozen and share National Donut Day with your favorite coworkers.

Contact Haring Realty and not only give you directions to the best donuts in the area, but we'll show you the best Mansfield homes for sale too.


Mansfield Pubs, Bars and Breweries
National Beer Day is coming up on April 7, 2019, and serves as the perfect opportunity to explore some of the great bars, pubs, and breweries in the Mansfield area.

April 7th marks the date when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, which ended Prohibition by allowing producers to begin brewing beer and making wine once more. National Beer Day celebrates the date when beer moved from speakeasies back to neighborhood bars, and the country's craft brewing scene has been growing ever since. Our REALTORS® have the inside scoop on where to celebrate National Beer Day in the Mansfield area.

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Lexington Ohio Laxton Hollow Works

Craft beer fans have a big reason to love Richland County. Laxton Hollow Brewing Works, which opened its doors in the village of Lexington, Ohio in 2016, brews and serves a class of authentic ales that are almost impossible to find anywhere else in the United States. When you're in the area touring Lexington homes for sale, we highly recommend paying Laxton Hollow Brewing Works a visit.

Lexington's Unique Drinking Experience

You might not know it, but ales that are brewed using traditional methods are extraordinarily rare in America. In fact, there's a good chance you've never had one. But with such a tremendous boom in craft brewing in recent years, how can it be that this style of beer is so hard to come by?

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Bellville Ohio Buckeye Express Diner
If you're looking for the perfect house in a small town, you'll find it in Ohio among our Bellville homes for sale. As a local, you'll settle into a beautiful, affordable home in a quiet neighborhood. When you need fun and excitement, you can make an hour-long drive to Columbus, but you don't have to. Bellville residents enjoy art and culture venues, museums and wineries, and great places to shop, relax, and eat.

Our REALTORS® invite you to spend a weekend touring Bellville homes and getting to know our town. If you love trains, burgers or both, be sure to make a stop at the Buckeye Express Diner. It's an Ohio State Buckeye-themed restaurant serving homemade comfort food inside a pair of repurposed passenger train cars. 

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