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Smart Home Tech for Homeowners - Haring Realty

Buying a home is a smart investment. Incorporating smart home tech into your new home enhances the value and comfort of that investment. Our REALTORS® keep a keen eye on the future of smart technology and highly recommend the following features and systems that will make maintaining, protecting, and enjoying your home a little bit easier.

  • Smart Lighting Lights Up Your Life
    Smart lighting is easy to install and can significantly improve both security and comfort. Smart lighting systems allow you to control everything from brightness to color. This lets you set the mood for special occasions and improve the illumination outside your home to make it easier for guests to find their way around during an evening gathering.

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2021 Smart Home for Owners - Haring Realty

As 2021 breaches the horizon and people remain nestled in their homes, many are looking toward the future. In addition to much-anticipated family gatherings and celebrations, many homeowners are asking our REALTORS® about smart home features they can install to make modern living just a little more comfortable. It's likely you already have a few smart devices in your home for listening to the radio, answering the door, or turning the lights on and off. However, adding more requires planning and preparation so that you can fully enjoy the benefits smart technology has to offer.

  • Consider Features & Research Your Options
    Most homeowners start off with a simple Google or Amazon device that makes it possible to control the radio, organize shopping lists, make calls, and do other simple tasks. But, there is so much more than smart devices can do. Controlling the thermostat, monitoring home security, raising/lowering the blinds, and more are all possible. Thus, the first step you want to do is to research the available technologies and identify the ones that offer the functionality you desire. As you do your research, you will familiarize yourself with the available possibilities and the costs associated with the devices you want to purchase and install. Finally, it would be best if you also read reviews of both users and industry professionals. This will give you a better idea of which systems deliver on their advertised promises and each system's potential strengths and weaknesses.

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Home WiFi - Haring Realty

With many adults working from home, the demands on your WiFi are probably much greater than in the past. You could be trying to connect with colleagues over Zoom while several kids are watching online lessons from their teachers. And with everyone stuck at home a lot more, several family members could be streaming movies or other content during the evening. As a result, your WiFi could be slow or disconnecting much more than it did in the past.

Our REALTORS® suggest the following tips for making sure your WiFi is up to the task:

  • Check your Internet service plan
    Your internet service plan may have been fine for your needs earlier in the year, but now that more users are logging more screen time, you should make sure it covers your current needs. If you have only two users with only one streaming video or attending a teleconference, a medium speed is the lowest level recommended. For multiple people — with at least two using video — advanced speed is needed.

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