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Can you believe summer is almost over? The first day of school is right around the corner, and while it will be a relief for some, it may be a frightening experience or a dreaded event for others. Our REALTORS® know that a new home can also mean a new school and would like to offer a few ideas to make the experience more positive. 

  1. Arrange a Tour
    Is there anything scarier than feeling lost? Younger children will be much more confident if they know where and how to get there. Middle and high school students don't want to be outsiders wandering around looking for their classrooms. You can eliminate this anxiety by taking a reconnaissance trip before school starts. Identify bus stops or walk the route with them until they feel secure with the journey.

  2. Review Student Handbooks
    Each school offers a handbook that clearly outlines available services and enumerates expectations. Go over the information with your kids so that you are all familiar with the rules. You will find critical information about everything from dress codes to bell schedules and lunches. While this activity may not seem like as much fun as others, understanding parameters is a healthy first step for younger students. It is as much about what they can do as it is about what they can't. This helps them learn to take pride in personal responsibility.

  3. Shop for Supplies and Clothes
    While older students may not be as excited about a new box of crayons as first graders, they will almost certainly be happy with new clothes. We know that student self-esteem is closely tied to a nice wardrobe. While it may be tempting to just order clothes online or shop without the children, it means a lot to them to be able to select their shoes and attire.

  4. Arrange a Study Space
    A dedicated space with good lighting and limited distractions for doing homework is essential to good study habits that will carry your student from first grade through college. Once that space is identified, let the student personalize it to taste. If you have been looking at Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale, you know there are plenty of possibilities. Whether your student will have private personal space or share with others at the dining room table, let them make their spaces their own. In its simplest form, a study space may be a decorative plastic placement with supplies within reach. From there, the sky's the limit. If your students are attending virtually, they may want to create backdrops to hang behind them. If they have desks, let them arrange the contents and decorate their spaces according to their tastes.

  5. Create a Countdown Calendar
    From the joy of eating the chocolate from an Advent calendar to counting the seconds until a rocket blasts off, countdowns generate excitement. You can teach your children how to organize and plan their time with a calendar to tick off the days until school starts. You can purchase a printed calendar and show them how to cross off the days as they pass. Or you can create your own. You can find a plastic calendar page at a dollar store and let them write in the days and dates as well as other upcoming events. They can decorate them with stickers or colored markers for a uniquely artistic poster.

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