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End-of-Summer Maintenance - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Before you can enjoy the pumpkin spice and everything nice that fall has in store, you have work to do as a homeowner. As you get ready to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season, you have to take care of the landscaping and your home so that everything is ready for the cooler months ahead. Our REALTORS® suggest doing the following chores: 

  • Clean the Dryer Vent - This simple chore is essential for ensuring proper ventilation and, more importantly, reducing fire risk.

  • Schedule HVAC Service - Hire a certified, licensed, and insured HVAC technician to winterize your air conditioner and tune up your furnace or heat pump. Without question, the better care you take of your HVAC system, the more appealing your home will be for buyers looking for Ashland homes for sale.

  • Clear the Gutters (and Guard Them!) - Always clear your gutters at the end of summer, and be sure to install reliable gutter guards. This will keep leaves and other debris from causing dams that can cause water to seep under shingles or flow down around foundations.

  • Inspect the Roof - While cleaning the gutters, check your shingles and inspect the roof for soft spots, punctures, loose fittings, etc. It's best to get these repaired now before the weather cools off.

  • Seal Your Home - Check for leaks around doors/windows, and apply the appropriate caulk, weatherstripping, etc. This will go a long way toward keeping your winter utility bills from heating up.

  • Check the Siding - While sealing around windows and doors, inspect your siding thoroughly. Look for signs of warping, buckling, mold growth, detachment, etc. It's a good idea to repair any damage before pests can move in or winter weather exacerbates the extent of the damage. 

  • Paint - The end of summer is the perfect time to repaint the interior/exterior of your home because it is not too hot, not too cool, and rain is less likely. 

  • Declutter - Summertime accumulation is a real problem, and whether your garage is filled with inflatable boats, new bikes, or sporting equipment galore, now is the time to stow it away for the year. Deflate the inflatables, store the sporting equipment, and get rid of any broken items that you have outgrown and no longer need. 

  • Clean the Deck - Remove debris buildup from your deck and give every board or tile a thorough scrub. You should also remove cushions from furniture for storage in your garage or basement and cover deck furniture to shield it from the ice, snow, and sun over the winter months ahead.

  • Trim the Trees - This is vital if you have overgrown trees or trees with limbs that have died over the summer. Removing problem limbs now before the wind, snow, and ice causes them to snap over the winter is a reliable solution for protecting fences, furniture, and your home from damage.

  • Shut the Sprinklers Down - You must winterize your irrigation system before the first freeze. While it is still a while off, you will want to shut it off when the leaves start to change color.

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