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Clearing Clutter - Sell a Home - Haring Realty

Selling your home while you're still living in it is difficult for many sellers because it requires keeping the house show-ready, or not far from it, at all times. You never know when someone might schedule a showing, so you may have fairly short notice to clean and spruce up your home. Fortunately, decluttering and staging your home before listing it for sale will help prepare you for anything. Here are a few tips from our REALTORS® on decluttering when selling your home.

  • Make use of a storage unit.
    Most of us have way more belongings than your real estate agent would like to be in your home when it's being shown. Clutter tends to make homes look smaller and ruins buyers' ability to imagine themselves living there. It will help you declutter if you get a storage unit to hold everything you don't need right now, such as off-season clothes, holiday decorations, and other seldom-used items.

  • Keep surfaces clear.
    It's so easy to deposit things on empty surfaces, but that's part of why things pile up over time. When selling your home, you want to maximize those empty surfaces as much as possible. When touring Galion homes for sale, you'll notice that they rarely have anything except maybe a few understated decorations on countertops and tables. Visually, the sight of an unbroken stretch of space is more pleasing and will make the house look bigger, too.

  • Provide ample storage.
    Of course, if you're still living in the home while you're selling it, you'll still need to be able to have access to your most important things. Therefore it's important to ensure you have plenty of storage space where you can tuck things away whenever your home has a showing. For instance, investing in attractive cubes, baskets, storage ottomans, and other methods of keeping clutter out of sight is wise.

  • Maintain space.
    Like with the counters and tabletops, it's important to maintain that space in every room. This is another time where it's useful to have a storage unit to store unneeded furniture that might make the house look too cramped if left in place. Instead, ensure that there is plenty of space and breathing room surrounding all of your furniture in each room. Pull furniture away from the walls and ensure furniture has plenty of space around each piece. This will create the impression that the rooms are bigger. Resist the temptation to fill those spaces with clutter, perhaps by providing other places to put things where they can be tucked away and out of sight.

  • Keep a catch-all basket.
    Part of why clutter accumulates is because we can't be bothered to put something away immediately. We leave the item on the nearest empty surface, intending to take care of it later, but then we forget about it. Instead, try a catch-all basket in a central location, where you can leave anything that needs to be put away later. Once a day or before a showing, take everything in the basket and return it all to the proper places. This will help keep the home in a show-ready state as often as possible.

It may seem intimidating to keep the house showroom clean and decluttered at all times, but these tricks make it easier. For help staging and selling your home, contact us today, and we'll help you determine what needs to be done to get your home ready to list.

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