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Creating Space for Hobbies at Home - Haring Realty

Though home trends come and go, filling your home with items you love to use will ensure that your home remains a comfortable, inviting haven.

Our REALTORS® know that it's important to have a space to work on your hobbies so that your home is a functional space you look forward to spending time in. Here are a few ways to repurpose an existing space for your hobbies.

  • Set Up a Hobby Space in Your Garage
    Your garage is a terrific spot to use for your hobbies. If your garage floor is unfinished, consider having it coated. Coating your garage floor will help it look better and make it easier to clean; the coating will also offer protection that prevents cracking and chipping.

    Declutter your garage so that you have room for your hobby equipment. Get rid of anything that you haven't used in the past six months or if dealing with a seasonal item, the past year. A decluttered garage will help your home look clean and tidy when you add it to the list of Bucyrus homes for sale

    Use cabinets, mountable wall hooks, and plastic pins to store the remaining items. If you're concerned about your amount of usable space, consider using your garage ceiling for storage and opt for vertical storage options that allow you to maximize your functional space. 

    Once your garage is organized, you can decide where to set up your hobby space. If ventilation is a concern, you might choose an area near a window or garage door to increase your airflow.

  • Create a Nook in Your Bedroom
    If you have a free corner in your bedroom, you have an area to use for your hobby. An L-shaped desk or work table is a terrific use of a corner space and provides you with plenty of room for working on your hobbies. Install a few floating shelves that can house small bins where you can store your supplies. 

    Or, if your hobby involves reading or watching TV, add a comfortable, cozy chair where you can enjoy your leisure time. Set up a basket for everything you need, like a few books, a throw blanket, remote controls, and reading glasses.

  • Section Off a Portion of Your Living Room
    Use a screen divider to section off an area in your living room that you can use for your hobby. A divider gives you a little privacy and helps define your living room. 

    Add furnishings that offer storage and complement your living room's decor, like a decorative cabinet, cube storage unit, or chest. You want to keep your supplies and equipment nearby, but you need to be able to store them when they aren't being used.

    Next, incorporate furniture you need to do your hobby, like a desk, chair, or work table. If your hobby requires electricity, see that you choose a portion of your living room that's close to an electrical outlet. 

Your home needs to fit your lifestyle. That means you need a dedicated hobby space where you can enjoy your favorite activities. Interested in buying a home with more space for your family? Contact us to start your search.

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