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Have you hesitated to get a real live Christmas tree because you're afraid it won't last long enough, or do you struggle with keeping your tree going every year? Most of us love the sight and fresh scent of a live Christmas tree, which is why many Mansfield homes for sale are decorated for the holidays this time of year. Fortunately, a healthy, well-cared-for tree should last around five weeks, providing plenty of time for the holiday season. Here are a few tips from our REALTORS® on keeping your tree alive and well until after Christmas.

  • Start with a fresh tree.
    Improve your chances of keeping your tree going until the holidays are over by starting with a fresh, healthy tree. Buying your tree directly from a tree farm is your best bet, but if that's not possible, be aware that the trees at many roadside tree farms aren't super fresh. Look for one with lots of green, pliable needles and isn't shedding like mad any time you brush up against the branches or jostle the tree.

  • Make sure the trunk has a fresh cut.
    When you buy a tree, the attendant should always make a fresh horizontal cut across the base of the trunk before you take the tree home. The trunk will develop a seal of dried sap in as little as four hours of being cut, and then it won't be able to absorb water anymore. A fresh cut before heading home ensures you have a few hours to get the tree into water.

  • Keep the tree stand full of water.
    To prevent that seal of tree resin from forming, you'll need to keep the tree stand full of water at all times. If you let the tree stand run out of water, you'll need to make another fresh cut to keep your tree alive until Christmas. To avoid that hassle, check the tree stand once or twice daily and fill it with water as needed. Your tree may suck up as much as an entire gallon of water in the first 24 hours and will likely need a couple of quarts a day after that. The water should always be high enough to submerge the base of the tree trunk fully.

  • Keep the room cool.
    Evergreen trees like cooler temperatures, so it might not come as a surprise that keeping the room a little cooler is better for your tree. A cooler room will slow the drying process and help the tree stay green. As a bonus, it'll also lower your energy bill.

  • Use a humidifier.
    If you live in a dry climate or your house is very dry, it can speed up the process of your tree drying out. If you don't have a whole-house humidifier, consider at least putting a humidifier in the same room as the tree to help slow down the drying process.

  • Keep your tree away from heat sources.
    Heat can make your tree dry out faster, but more importantly, keeping your tree away from heat sources is a safety precaution. Christmas trees can catch fire if exposed to an intense heat source, such as a baseboard heater, radiator, or your home's air vents.

  • Know where to dispose of your tree.
    You made it! When the holidays are over and all the decorations are put away, you have several disposal options around Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Load your tree and head for the Richland County Solid Waste Authority at 1125 National Parkway, Mansfield, OH 44906. In addition, Crawford County Solid Waste Management offers nine recycling collection sites, including Bucyrus and Galion locations. Galion residents can also leave Christmas trees at the curb for pickup by the service department well into January. Be sure to check for official dates closer to the end of the year. 

Nothing is better than celebrating your first Christmas in a new home. Contact us today to start your search for your dream home.

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