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Holiday Dinner Party Tips - Haring Realty

With the holidays weeks away, it's time to think about your plans for the season. A holiday dinner party is a terrific opportunity to celebrate with food, fun, and fellowship. Here are some tips from our REALTORS® for hosting a memorable holiday dinner party. 

  • Plan Your Menu Ahead of Time
    The menu for your holiday dinner party is something that you'll want to think about well in advance of your party date. You need a menu that suits everyone's tastes, and you should confirm that you have food options for people with different dietary restrictions or diet preferences. Ask your guests if they have allergies or restrictions that you need to be aware of.

    When planning your menu, think about the appetizers, meal, dessert, and beverages you want to serve. Once you know your menu, you can make a grocery list to stock up on essential items. Or, if you're planning to order some of your party items from a local restaurant or catering company, place the order so that you know your spot is reserved.

    When deciding on your beverage alternatives, check that you have some non-alcoholic options for children and adults who don't drink. 
  • Schedule Extra Cleaning Sessions
    Being a successful party host is difficult when you're worried about how your home looks. Take care of this issue by scheduling a few extra cleaning sessions before your holiday party. In addition to cleaning your home, spend time decluttering and putting up your holiday decorations. A couple of days before your party, see that your home's current layout will work for your gathering.

    If you have decorative items that you feel will take up too much space, store these items until your party is over. Or, if your kids like to use your living room for their hobbies, have them transport their stuff to their rooms for the party.

    You may need to move furniture or grab extra chairs to ensure everyone has a spot to sit. Or, you might want to rearrange the room so the flow works better for your holiday party. A dedicated drink table is one way to reduce some of the traffic in your kitchen and provide another place for your guests to gather and converse. 

  • Clear Space Outside for People to Park
    Even though you're busy looking at Ashland homes for sale, you want to ensure that there's an area for your guests to park. Clear your driveway of toys and furniture to maximize your parking space.

    If your driveway isn't large enough to accommodate everyone, your yard is another option, but wet or snowy weather may make this a less attractive alternative. See what the rules are for street parking to determine if that can give you a few extra spaces.

    The day of your party, move your personal vehicles into your garage or yard so that you have more room for your guests to park. Check that your guests have a safe, accessible pathway to your home. Consider using battery-powered luminaries to light a walkway.

Throwing a holiday dinner party can be stressful, but it also gives you the opportunity to make memories with your family and friends. Feel like your current home doesn't have enough space for holiday festivities? Contact us to explore your options!

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