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Mason-Jar Christmas Gifts - Haring Realty

Unless you're the perfect gift giver, you've probably realized at the last minute that someone in your life is missing a present. Instead of purchasing a random gift, you should consider putting together a personalized mason jar. To help you get started, our REALTORS® have whipped up a quick list of our favorite mason jar gift ideas.

  • S'mores Mason Jar Gift
    S'mores are a traditional favorite around the campfire, and this gift idea puts a bit of a spin on it. Instead of graham crackers, large marshmallows, and chocolate bars, fill the mason jar with Golden Grahams, mini-marshmallows, and M&Ms. It's simple to put together, and the recipient can decide how they'd like to eat everything.

  • Caramel Apple in a Jar
    This is one of our absolute favorites because it's adorable and only needs a few ingredients. Start by filling a short, squat mason jar with caramels and M&M's. Tie an apple on the top and a lollipop stick on the side. Then, type up this easy-to-follow recipe and attach it to the jar. The entire process takes just a few minutes to finish!

  • Santa Belt Mason Jars
    One of our favorite ideas for using mason jars during the holiday season is to wrap a jar with a small Santa belt. After the belt's in place, you can finish the jar in two ways. You can go the traditional route and include red and white chocolate candies to match the color of Santa. Or, you can fill it with any treat you'd like. Perhaps our favorite idea is to fill it with gummy candies that are red, white, and a few green for good measure.

  • Coffee Lovers Gift in a Jar
    Coffee gifts are very common around the holidays because everyone knows a coffee lover (or 10 or 20). Instead of giving the traditional gift of a coffee mug or a package of premium coffee in a bag, turn to a mason jar gift. If you get a larger mason jar, you can include a few different flavors and multiple sugar packets or other coffee treats. You may also want to grab a specialty coffee from a coffee shop that's close to the many Galion homes for sale so they can try a new brand.

  • Mason Jar Dollar Bill Gift
    A fun idea where you can mix treats and a little bit of cash is to create a mason jar dollar bill gift. Start by rolling up several bills and standing them up inside the jar to create the first layer. Then, you can basically add things you'd like, though we'd suggest some sugary treats. You can fill it with a variety of candies such as Hershey's Kisses, M&Ms, peppermints, or any other assortment of their favorite candies.

  • Mini-Bar in a Jar
    This list had been all about food so far, but creating a mini-bar mason jar will appeal to a lot of people during the holidays. With this gift idea, you'll want to use a larger mason jar so that you can fit at least four or five tiny bottles of alcohol in it. If you're not sure what kind they like, select a few popular types of whiskey, rum, and vodka. You may even want to include a few obscure brands so they can try something new.

Haring Realty has tons of ideas for homeowners and how they can celebrate the holiday. Contact us, and we'll help you find your dream home in the Galion area, which will be the perfect gift.

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