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Furnishing Your First Home - Haring Realty

Congratulations! You just bought your first home and can't wait to move in. Suddenly you realize that you'll need to buy a lot of new furnishings to fill the house. Don't worry, our REALTORS® know that buying your first home is a big expense, and we have some helpful tips for furnishing your new home without breaking the bank.

  • Focus on the Bare Necessities
    Moving into your first home, which is likely empty, can be a daunting experience. Situating furniture and unpacking boxed items moved from your old home or apartment may take a while. For now, just focus on the bare necessities, like a bed, a sofa, and a table with chairs where you can sit down for a meal. As you get situated in your new home, you'll realize what you need to create comfortable spaces. Remember: There's no pressure to furnish your home too quickly.

  • Prioritize the Spaces You Use the Most
    When you're ready to start looking at new furnishings for Ashland homes for sale, focus on the rooms that will be used the most. This may include the living room and dining room for entertaining, the kitchen for cooking, the family room for relaxation, and the main bedroom for sleeping. Do you love hosting dinner parties? Do you plan to have overnight guests? Do you like a cozy family movie night? If you prioritize your spaces, you'll focus more on what you really need and avoid buying unnecessary, costly items.

  • Establish Your Design Style
    Before you start shopping for furnishings and accessories, establish your design style, which should be a reflection of your likes and interests, as well as a reflection of the architectural style of your new home. Is your design style modern, contemporary, traditional, vintage, or shabby chic? If you're not sure, spend some scrolling through Pinterest to find furnishings that fit your style. Establishing your design style first will keep you from buying the wrong things and wasting money.

  • Make Sure Things Will Fit
    Interior designers know that one of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make is not measuring their spaces before going shopping. Buying area rugs, furniture, lighting, and accessories for a new home can add up quickly, so this is no time to guess on measurements. Before shopping, measure your room's length, width, and ceiling height, then measure the space available for rugs, sofas, chairs, tables, accessories, ceiling fixtures, and artwork.

  • Accent Your Favorite Pieces
    If you have furnishings from your old home that you just love, accent them in your new home by placing them where they will draw attention. Special items to consider include:

    • Wool or hand-knotted area rugs

    • Antique or vintage furniture items

    • Antique china and crystal

    • Large paintings and wall mirrors

    • Handmade quilts and throws

    • Hand-thrown pottery and bowls

When you have special, unique items in your home, it doesn't matter so much whether your design style is modern, traditional, or vintage. One-of-a-kind pieces add character and beauty to any style.

  • Don't Forget About Your Lighting
    In any home, lighting plays a big role in visibility, mood, and comfort. The best combination is good natural light mixed with ambient light from table lamps and wall lamps, as well as overhead light from ceiling fixtures like recessed spots, track lighting, chandeliers, and pendants. Good lighting will make daily tasks easier and make your home feel more comfortable and inviting.

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