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5 Jobs to Tackle Now for a Quick Spring Sale 

Selling Your Home This Spring

Spring can be an amazing time to sell your house. Buyers are often eager to get out and find the home of their dreams after a long, dark winter. That can work very much to your advantage if you know how to make the most of it. Here are some tips from our REALTORS® here at Haring Realty to help you prepare if you're planning on sell your home this spring.

1.  Spring Cleaning - Your home will make a great first impression on prospective buyers if it's clean and well cared for. Spring cleaning usually consists of a variety of tasks that may only get done once each year like:

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Deep cleaning the carpets
  • Wiping down walls
  • Cleaning windows (inside and out)
  • Freshening the exterior of the home
  • Decluttering living spaces
  • Airing out the house

Spring cleaning can help you get rid of dirt and odors that might otherwise turn away eager buyers. Taking the time to do these tasks correctly can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home during the spring season.

2.  Improve Curb Appeal - The winter months can wreak havoc on your lawn, shrubbery, flower beds and patios. Give your outdoor spaces some special attention by:

  • Trimming and edging the lawn
  • Planting some vibrant flowers
  • Trimming hedges
  • Power-washing concrete areas, wood decks, and siding

Giving your home some exterior personality is important in attracting more attention from buyers who might only "drive by" homes in which they're interested. Grab their attention by allowing them to see the potential beauty of your home from the street.

3.  Entice Buyers with Outdoor Spaces - The spring months are excellent for showing off your home's versatility when it comes to living spaces. A porch or patio can easily be transformed into an inviting outdoor oasis with just a few steps. Place potted plants around the area, purchase some outdoor furniture and create a relaxing space that will stand out in the buyer's mind.

4.  Let the Light Shine In - Open up blinds and replace dingy curtains to show your home to its best advantage. Spring sunshine is an excellent mood enhancer. Letting it flood through your home can help buyers remember a space that's airy and light, giving them a better impression of your home and its attributes.

5.  Work with an Experienced Local REALTOR® - Selling your home in the spring is often easier than during other times of the year, but that doesn't mean you won't need a real estate agent to help you through the process.

Our REALTORS® have been working with home buyers and sellers in the Mansfield, Ohio area since 1983. We've made it our mission to provide outstanding service to our clients and our experienced team is eager to work with you. Whether you're selling your home or buying a home this spring, we can help you. Contact us today for more information about real estate in and around Mansfield, Ohio.

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