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Problem Noises - Homeowners - Haring Realty

Do you hear that noise? Your home is trying to tell you something!

Believe it or not, some sounds are scarier than those that go bump in the night. The creeks, cracks, squeaks, and scratches that you hear around the house shouldn't be ignored. While some of these issues are minor, others are indicative of destructive and dangerous problems. Our REALTORS® suggest investigating and resolving these annoying noises ASAP. 

9 Household Noises & How to Fix Them  

  1. Whistling
    Do you hear a whistling sound in certain rooms? Don't worry, it's not a ghost, but it could be one of two other issues — either your furnace or your windows. A furnace that makes a sucking or whistling sounds means it's working too hard because of dirty filters. Replacing them with new, clean filters will stop the sound. A whistling window means your weatherstripping is loose and needs to be resealed.

  2. Hissing
    Keep in mind that a hissing sound is different than a whistling sound. A hissing noise, one that seems steady and concentrated, can indicate a gas leak. Although the gas may be present, you may not be able to detect it via smell. Any time you hear hissing or suspect a gas leak, you should leave the home immediately and call your gas provider.

  3. Scratching
    Scratching sounds don't mean you have an itchy wall; it usually means there's a pest or rodent rummaging around. You can set traps yourself or call a pest specialist. Keep in mind that a pest control specialist will likely find and seal the holes in your home where the animals are entering.

  4. Running Water
    Do you hear running water when all of the faucets are off? This could be a serious issue, such as a busted pipe. For many major plumbing issues, you should trust these repairs to a licensed plumber.

  5. Squeaking
    There's no reason to tolerate squeaky cabinet or entry doors throughout your house. By removing the hinge pin and lubricating it, the squeaking should be silenced.

  6. Creaking
    Like squeaky doors, many homeowners tend to tolerate creaking floorboards when they don't need to. Drill a hole into the noisy board and use a snap-off screw kit to fill the hole. Cover it up with wood filler, and it'll be soundless.

  7. Clanking
    A steam radiator can be quite noisy, but clanking pipes can be easily resolved. Open up the inlet valve all of the way and slightly elevate one side of the radiator so that excess water tips back toward the pipe.

  8. Humming
    Many of your appliances will make normal noises during their operation, but some humming noises are symptoms of a problem. For instance, humming from the dryer could mean an object is caught in the blower wheel, while a humming from the garbage disposal or dishwasher could mean a blade is blocked. Because these appliances can be dangerous, you should call a professional to diagnose the problem.

  9. Bubbling
    One of the easiest to neglect appliances in your home is the hot water heater. It's wise to occasionally inspect it and listen for signs of bubbling. When too much sediment builds up in the bottom, you may hear a bubbling or rumbling sound. You can drain and flush the tank to resolve small buildups, but large buildups may require professional intervention or a replacement.

Not all noises are serious problems, but all odd sounds around the house should be taken seriously. For additional advice on what to resolve before listing your property alongside other Mansfield homes for sale, contact us today!

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