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Home Inspection Tips - Homewners - Haring Realty

You may have reached the stage in your home-selling process where the casual looks are turning into firm offers. You're looking forward to handing the keys over to a family that will love your home as much as you have. But before you can finally close the deal, the issue of home inspection comes up. If you've not sold a home before, this can seem daunting. But you needn't worry. Home inspections help both buyers and sellers, and our REALTORS® are ready to guide you through the process. 

  • The Inspector and Their Gadgets
    Home inspectors are trained professionals licensed by the state to examine homes for signs of damage and decay that can interfere with the way the home functions. They test electrical outlets, plumbing, major appliances, and the HVAC system. They will visually inspect every part of the home, looking for signs of damage from water, vermin, or decay. After the inspection, the inspector will provide a report. As home buyers often hire the inspector, they will receive the report, but home sellers can hire a home inspector to identify issues before a homebuyer spots them. If you have a pre-inspection done, you are required to share the report with potential buyers, but they may also choose to have their own inspection performed.

  • Check It Out 
    The home inspector will need full access to every part of the home. The amount of time they will need depends on the size of your home and how accessible the various parts are, but the home inspector can give you a rough time range before they arrive. Don't shut off the utilities before the inspection, as an inspector can't test the outlets if the electricity is shut off.

  • Come Clean
    The home inspector could spot issues you know nothing about, but if you know that your home has a problem, such as a worn-out outlet or leak, speak up. This will make the inspection easier and faster. Try to remove anything that might impede the home inspector's progress through your home. A bit of clutter isn't a problem, but a heavy object obstructing a back door or basement should be moved. If you have pets, it may be best for them to be out of the house for the inspection.

  • Reporting From ... Your House 
    After the inspection and report, you'll have a chance to discuss the contents with the potential homebuyer. The professional home inspection means that you have an impartial, qualified third party pointing out clear issues, which makes them easier to address for everyone involved.

    • You or the buyer may wish to fix it without adjusting the terms of the sale
    • The buyer may want you to fix the issue before closing
    • The buyer may want to change the amount they're offering for the house
    • You may offer to make repairs with or without adjusting the price.

If you have any questions about home inspections or any other aspect of selling your home, please contact us today. We're happy to help. 

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