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Pest Control Tips for Homeowners - Haring Realty

We're all thrilled when the winter storms are gone and it's time for the spring thaw. But with that warmer weather comes a multitude of pests, both in our yards and sometimes our homes. 

To prevent pests in the house you've chosen among Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale, follow the tips below.

Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Not surprisingly, most of the pests homeowners in our area are quite common, rather than some of the newer, exotic species that have just begun invading the South and the West, such as certain species of exotic ants and mosquitoes. Here are some of the main ones to be on the watch for.

  1. Mosquitoes
    There are several species of mosquitoes in our region, and like anywhere, they are mainly a problem during warm, rainy weather. The best preventative is not allowing stagnant water to collect in containers, birdbaths, or ponds. Water in a pond or birdbath is fine as long as it's being aerated or changed frequently. Remove old flower pots or containers and store them away. Cut back on dense foliage, where mosquitoes like to hover during the heat of the day. If you decide to spray, talk to your pest control specialist about measures that won't kill beneficial insects such as butterflies and other pollinators.

  2. Termites
    There is ample reason to dread the telltale appearance of termites in our homes due to the destruction they cause. Look out for: swarming termites; white ants; tunnels in wood; and frass, which looks like sawdust but is actually termite droppings. When you see these signs in the spring, call a pest control professional. You can't get rid of termites on your own, but you may prevent them from infesting your property by keeping piles of firewood or other wood well away from the home. 

  3. Cockroaches
    Avoid cockroach invasions by maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen. Dishes should be cleaned and put away; clean up crumbs and food waste; keep garbage sealed and inaccessible while it's in your home. Also, roaches love moisture, so eliminate damp places caused by plumbing leaks, ceiling leaks, or condensate drain overflow. Keep screens in good repair. Check grocery bags before you put them away in cabinets. Cockroaches can enter your home through tiny openings, so be vigilant. You will probably need an exterminator if you see cockroach feces, or the insects themselves, which tend to come out at night when the lights are off. Cockroaches may be present in winter but are most prevalent as the weather warms. 

  4. Fleas
    If you have pets, keep fleas under control by using some type of preventative. Check pets regularly for the presence of fleas, which includes the insects as well as minute black flea "dirt," which is flea feces. If you find fleas in your carpet, or you notice that fleas are jumping on humans indoors and biting them, contact your pest control professional ASAP. Fleas love warm weather, so watch for outbreaks in spring. 

  5. Bedbugs
    Bedbugs can flourish any time of year, but they usually appear when someone in the household has been traveling. When you're staying in a hotel room, always check for telltale signs such as itchy red bites after you've gone to bed; bites on your skin that are in a line; a musty odor; blood stains on sheets; and dark, rusty-colored spots on a mattress. Do not bring your infested clothes or luggage into your home. Consult an exterminator to get rid of bedbugs.

Need more tips on other pests? Our REALTORS® can help. Contact us today. 

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