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Installing a Water Softener - Home Improvements- Haring Realty

Homeowners are constantly hit with a barrage of sales pitches for home improvements that will boost its value, from solar panels to water softeners. But how do you know whether an investment is truly worth it in terms of ongoing benefits and return on investment? Our REALTORS® felt that you should have some facts at your disposal in order to make an informed decision about water softeners. 

  • Initial Cost
    According to Home Advisor, on average, a water softener, including installation, will cost between $1,000 and $2,800. A smart filtration system in a larger home may cost up to $6,000. Some systems can be self-installed for as little as $500.

  • How They Work
    Water is considered "hard" if there is a significant level of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, dissolved in it. Water softeners will either neutralize or remove these minerals. When mineral-laden water is heated, Calcium carbonate is formed, resulting in soap scum build-up, hard water spots on dishes, and solid deposits on the bottom of water heaters and inside pipes. Inside a water softener are resin beads. As water flows through them, they trap the offending minerals. Then, a solution of salt or potassium removes the calcium and magnesium from the beads forming a chloride solution. This is then drained away as a waste stream.

  • Return on Investment
    A water softener upgrade will add $5,000-$10,000 to the value of your home. That is more than twice as much as the cost to install, which is significant ROI, without even considering the advantages of using the appliance. You can see this for yourself when you look at the many Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale that are equipped with water softeners.

  • Reduced Costs
    Using a water softener increases the efficiency of the detergents you use by as much as 80%. This may seem like a small savings until you imagine using only 20% of the detergent, dish soap, toothpaste, and shampoo that you currently use. You may not quickly recognize that savings in your budget, but it will be there. Add to that the extended useful life of your hot water heater, coffee pot, dishwasher, washing machine, and any other appliances that use hot water. With less corrosion of pipes, these appliances also run more efficiently, saving on your energy bill. Clothing will look fresh and new much longer when detergent rinses clean with each washing.

  • Gift of Time
    What greater benefit can an appliance bring than saving you time and effort? With a water softener, you will no longer have to scrub soap scum off the shower door or use harsh chemicals to clean your toilet. Even your hair washes more quickly with a much softer and shinier result than it will in hard water. You will even step out of the shower feeling cleaner without soap clinging to your skin. Imagine opening your dishwasher to see shining glasses without water spots!

Whether you're considering an upgrade to your current house or searching for a new one, be sure you consider the added value a water softener brings to the table. Contact us to help you sell your house or find the home of your dreams.

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