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Unconventional Pets - Homeowners - Haring Realty

While many homeowners keep dogs and cats, other people desire non-traditional animals that are just as loving as dogs and cats. Our REALTORS®, who are also pet-lovers, highlight some unconventional pets to consider below.

  1. Guinea Pigs
    Guinea pigs make excellent pets as they're social and easy to tame. However, they require constant attention and commitment to thrive in captivity.

    The first thing to get for your guinea pig is a large enclosure lined with cushioned material like soft grass hay. Provide enough floor space for the pet to run and play. Keep multiple guinea pigs of the same gender in the enclosure as the animals are very social but don't keep male and female guinea pigs together if you don't want litters.

    In addition to fresh food and water, give your guinea pigs Vitamin C supplements as their bodies can't manufacture it.

  2. Hermit Crabs
    Hermit crabs are crustaceans that live near shorelines. This animal survives on land by hiding in shells left by other animals. Unlike other crustaceans, hermit crabs only have a hard exoskeleton on the front part of their bodies and a soft tail on the rest of the body. They protect this lower half with discarded shells, which you need to provide when keeping them as pets.

    Allow 5 gallons of space for every two crabs and line the tank with coconut fiber or silica play sand for the animal to burrow when molting. A 50-70% humidity level is extremely important as hermit crabs become inactive if the air is too dry. Keep the temperature warm and water in water bowls to maintain the humidity level.

  3. Ferrets
    Ferrets are fun-loving, social, and curious pets, but they need careful handling. Their cheeky and playful nature is especially endearing, and you'll enjoy playing with them outside of their cages.

    However, these animals dig and chew on everything, and you should house them in a large enclosure. The bars used for the cage should be small as ferrets can wiggle their small bodies out of the hutch. Furnish the ferret house with hammocks to perch in, beddings, toys, and tunnels. The animal also needs an insulated and dark enclosure to nest in.

    Keep ferrets in groups as lonely ferrets develop behavioral issues. While ferrets can befriend cats and dogs, supervise the playtime to avoid stressing your small friend.

  4. Turtles
    A turtle's long lifespan makes it a long-term investment for any pet keeper. Typically, turtles live for over 25 years, and some even reach the 80-year mark. The first step is to select a turtle breed among common options like the red-eared, box, and painted turtles. When you buy a young turtle from the pet store, keep in mind that it will grow quite large. For example, red-eared slider turtles often reach 11 inches.

    Depending on your location's temperature patterns, you can keep turtles indoors or outdoors. A 40-gallon tank with wet and dry areas is sufficient with temperatures between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  5. Leopard Gecko
    The leopard gecko is a beginner-friendly reptile as it is easy to tame. Get a large tank and add half logs and caves for the pet to climb and explore. Remove feces every day, clean and disinfect everything in the cave twice a month, and dip the gecko in shallow, warm water once or twice a week. Leopard geckos thrive on an insectivorous diet, and you should provide various crickets and waxworms.

No matter what type of pet you prefer, you're sure to find the right home among Mansfield and Ashland homes for sale. Our agents can help you every step of the way. Contact us today.

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